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A board certified psychiatrist drawing on a full range of mental health tools.

Medication philosophy

I have great respect for the power of medications to ease suffering and sometimes change lives. I don't hesitate to use them if I think they'll be helpful. However, there's no magic bullet and it's important to consider the downsides. Sometimes less is more. Either way, you will feel empowered with the knowledge and support to take the next step.

Psychotherapy style

When we are children, our experiences teach us how the world works and what we need to do to get by. As adults, we have the independence to make different choices, but we can get stuck in old patterns of emotion and behavior that don't work for us anymore. I will collaborate with you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and life patterns, to help you gain insight, discover new perspectives, and develop tools to make real change. While therapy is serious work, there's room to be playful. Empathy, sensitivity, and humor open our curiosity and capacity for change.

Therapy isn't one size fits all.
I have training in psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and couples and family therapy. My approach is flexible and pragmatic, and we're always a team.

Academics & Teaching

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Clinical Instructor
Psychiatry Residency
MD in Psychiatry
Stanford University
Bachelor's in Philosophy
Psychiatrists are medical doctors with specialized training in the treatment of mental health issues. These days I am an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a Clinical Instructor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I love teaching medical students and residents and it makes sure I keep on top of new developments in my field. I studied medicine at Mount Sinai, then trained in general adult psychiatry with a concentration in women's reproductive mental health at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Back in the day I studied philosophy at Stanford and trained as a yoga teacher. You'd be surprised how often these subjects come up in a day's work!

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