What happens at a visit?

Initial evaluation

I am happy to provide an assessment, or a second opinion. I want to hear your perspective on your situation, and I will add my own questions and observations. I will often suggest a diagnosis, but the categories are often not as helpful as a clear understanding of your experience as an individual. Then together we will develop a preliminary plan of action. Sometimes the best treatment for a particular problem is with someone else — and if so, I will tell you. More often I can help with treatment as well. This often means psychotherapy (talk therapy), sometimes in combination with medication. If you already have a therapist it's best if we all work as a team. We will consider mind AND body treatments, including practices such as meditation and yoga. We may take as long as 90 minutes together so I can understand the nuances of your situation.

Fee: $700

Follow-up appointments

We will meet for therapy, to discuss medication, or both. Therapy is usually weekly. If you're not in therapy or you see another therapist we may start at monthly. These visits are 45 minutes.

Fee: $475

Specialized Consultation:
Reproductive Health

Decisions about mental health before, during, or after a pregnancy can be daunting. If you and your psychiatrist would like a consultation, I will meet with you for a full evaluation, speak to your doctor, and help you to understand the special considerations pregnancy brings to your unique situation. You're making important decisions for yourself and your family, and my goal is to empower you with the information and support you need. I will share my recommendations with you and your doctor, and these will usually include some choices for you to make. Sometimes it also makes sense for a partner or other support person to be involved in the conversation. These visits may be up to 2 hours.

Fee: $1,000

Let's get started.

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